1950s – Early 60s: The Optimist Club of Calgary ran community football in the early days. Our team was originally called the Westmount Pleasant Blue Bombers, the team colours were blue and white. The team was originally named by kids in the community from Caswell Hill that made Cairns Field their playground.

1963: The team moved from Westmount to Highwood. Former Head Coach, League President and Commissioner Ted Bancks renamed the team after the Saskatoon Hilltops.

1964: Calgary Bantam Football League is formed.

1965: City Champions! Coach Fred Toone joined the team as an assistant to Coach Bancks. He would remain with the team for 20 years.

1972: The Hilltoppers moved to the Thorncliffe Community Centre (the now famous Gully) and found a new sponsor, Bob’s Burgers. The team colours were changed from blue and white to green and silver. Ted Bancks turned the head coaching reins over to Fred Toone, who introduced some innovations to coaching. In the early years he would film the next weeks opposing team on Super 8 film each Saturday. He would send the film off for processing and get it back on Thursday in time to review it and plan for the game two days later. When video arrived, he bought the first video camera used in Bantam football. He spent $3,200 for the camera (He said; ”what was I thinking?”). After that the coaches could gather on Sundays for NFL and game film.

1975: City Champions!

1983: City Champions!

1985: Coach Doug McLaughlin took over the head coaching reins.

1990’s: Head Coach Dino Marianni moved the team to our present location at Diefenbaker High School.

1998, 2000: Hilltoppers soared under head coach Frank Guido in 1998 by dominating the CBFA and winning the City Championship. The Hilltoppers would repeat as champions again in 2000.

2001: Key losses to our coaching staff; the unexpected loss of our PeeWee team and the addition of a new team into our area forced our organization into a rebuilding phase.

2002: A new PeeWee team was started with limited finances and an entirely new coaching staff; our Bantam team went into the 2002 year with only 3 full time coaches and the smallest spring camp turn out in years.

2003: In the spring of 2003 the Midget team was started, leveraging the already thin Bantam staff and further stretching our finances. The Peewee team, in its second year under coach Cam Saskchewski, went on to win the city championships and lose the provincial championship in an exciting one point loss in overtime. That group of players was to develop into a special group for the Hilltoppers in the years to come.

2007: The Bantam Hilltoppers, under Coach Neil Cooper, beat the Bulldogs to win the City Championships and then went on to lose to Raymond in the Provincial Championships.

2009: The Hilltoppers added an Atom team in 2009 – taking over from the Buccaneers who were a Mavericks-Hilltoppers feeder team. That year the same group that won the Peewee championships in 2003, and the Bantam championships in 2006 would win the Midget Championship in 2009 under coach Brent Masikewich.

2009 Midget Hilltoppers City Champions

2010: The Hilltoppers would repeat as champions in 2010 under coach Yorgo Nikolakis. In the fall of 2010 the Bantam Hilltoppers, under coach Damon Mair beat the Cowboys to clinch the City Championship and then went on through the provincial semifinals to the ultimate game where they beat the Raymond Comets 10-0 on a frigid day in November.

2010 Bantam Hilltoppers Provincial Champions

Through the dedication of our volunteers, the support of our parents and the ability to find and retain great staff, our program is better than ever and has once again become one of the premier community football programs in the city.